Master Mariano Silva Master Mariano Silva brings over two decades of experience into his work as a teacher, performer, artistic director, and community leader. Master Silva was born in the birthplace of Afro-Brazilian cultural arts, Salvador, Bahia. He began training as a youth and founded his own academy in Salvador in his early twenties. Upon arriving in the United States, Master Silva continued his legacy of providing a comprehensive cultural experience, founding the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara.

Master Silva designs, teaches and directs programs in Capoeira, dance, and music for students of all ages and skill levels. His Capoeira classes are world renowned for maintaining the history and traditions behind this uniquely complete Afro-Brazilian martial art. Master Silva has been teaching Capoeira and dance at the University of California Santa Barbara for over a decade. He currently offers classes through the University and his academy in Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian dance, samba, drumming, music, and ballroom dance. Master Silva is known for his passion for teaching and providing opportunities for his students to learn the history and meaning behind each movement.

Master Silva has a Bachelors of Arts in Physical Education with an emphasis on youth education. He has designed and taught youth programs within his academy, the University, elementary schools and after school programs. His teaching style helps youth build selfconfidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Master Silva continues his dedication to enhancing cultural awareness though his dance company, music performance groups and annual community cultural events. He continues to provide new and exciting opportunities for people to experience the arts through international workshops and local events.

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