The Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara (BCACSB) is a 501c3 Nonprofit formed in 2012 in recognition of the transformational power of the Brazilian cultural arts. This transformational power is harnessed by Mestre Mariano Silva and his team as they empower individuals and build community. Each class and event is an opportunity for participants to experience the joy and rich tradition of self-expression through music, dance, and culture.



The BCACSB empowers community members through arts education, inspiring creative self-expression to move beyond physical, mental and emotional challenges. With martial arts, dance, drumming, language and music we encourage our community to embrace diversity and embody self-confidence through classes for all ages and levels.


BCACSB Programs

BCACSB enhances the vibrancy of Santa Barbara and beyond by providing space for community members of all ages to come together to learn and grow through art.

1. Classes in Brazilian cultural arts including dance, capoeira, and music.

2. Events enhancing the community exposure to Brazilian cultural arts.

3. Youth programs that keep children engaged through music, language, and movement.

4. Enriching cultural exchanges beyond tourism through trips to Brazil and work-study programs for Brazilian artists.